Last year, Shandong Yaohua Glass invested in a new LiSEC TPA line. We are particularly impressed by the speed of the LiSEC assembly team, thanks to the efficient work, the line delivered in December could go into operation in March.

We present several types of insulating glass units at own stand during the China Glass trade fair in Shanghai, which were produced with LiSEC machines

Yaohua Glass impresses with a daily production capacity of 20,000 square meters thanks to automated processes. The total production capacity during a year breaks down as follows: 1.2 million square meters of insulating glass, 1.5 million square meters of laminated glass and 4 million square meters of tempered glass.

The company’s product quality has reached top international levels and it is proud to boast numerous certifications including ISO 9001 certification, national safety glass certification (3C certification) and certification for energy-saving products. In addition, the Australian Standard Certification, the European Union Standard Certification, the SGCC Certification of the United States and IGCC Certification for North America are of major importance for the company’s exports.

We believe by LiSEC, the good machine in the field of machines for insulating glass production, our insulated glass will meet our customers demands and improve our work efficiency, all in all, any wanted about warm edge glass or tpss insulated glass free to contact Yaohua glass!