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4SG TPSS Insulated Glass

Yaohua glass have import LiSEC warm edge full automatic insulated glass processing line, support custom. Our products have passed CE EN,ISO9001,SGCC,IGCC,CCC, we professional for glass since 1985, free contact us to get factory price now!

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Why Choose TPSS

TPSS is short for THERMO PLASTICS SPACER SEALANT. Also, TPSS is a new type of insulating glass warm-edge system,which uses special butyl rubber as auxiliary materials and is filled with thermo plastic spacers of desiccant which can perfectly replace traditional aluminum spacers.

LISEC TPA Production Line

Shandong Yaohua invested the LiSEC intelligent glass processing systems, including fully automatic loading andunloading system ,edge grinding, storage, molecular sieve filling, coating and inflatable butyl applicator,fully realizethe intelligent optimization of production process, guarantee the stability of product quality and delivery time.Boththe quality and outlooking of insulated glass reached the international advanced level.


The company has passed ISO9001, CCC, energy-saving product certification.Export products through the Australian standard certification, the European Union standard certification, EN12150, the United States SGCC certification and north American certification IGCC.


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