How to Choose Sunshine Room Glass

Many people encounter when building sunshine room, because they don't know which glass to choose. Most people think the insulating glass and laminated glass with same functions, and there is little difference between them in the collocation of sunlight room. So today, yaohua glass will introduce the advantages and differences between them, and how to [...]

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YAOHUA GLASS China Glass Expo 2023

Yaohua glass will attend the 32nd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition, 06-09, May,2023. At this time, you will find us on Booth:N2-066. You will get a good discount price if you send us email or fill the form before the expo. You will get 5%-10% off or more! Founded in 1985, Shandong Yaohua is [...]

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The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Regular Glass

The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Regular Glass Tempered Glass is about four times stronger than regular class and is known for its safety. And, unlike regular glass when it breaks will break into irregular shaped shards. Tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces. Tempered glass is generally used in curtain wall, doors and windows, shower rooms, partition, [...]

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Advantages of TPS Insulated Glass

TPS is short for THERMO PLASTICS PACER. TPS is a new type of insulating glass warm-edge system, which uses special butyl rubber as auxiliary material and is filled with thermoplastic spacers of desiccant which Can perfectly replace traditional aluminum spacers.   Advantages of tps insulated glass Long-term Energy-saving Minimal Argon gas loss Protect the Low [...]

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What are the advantages of double glazed units

A double glazing unit is a combination of two panes of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar and sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single airtight unit with an air space in between.Today yaohua glass show you the main four advantages of double glazed units. 1,Save your energy cost. Double glazing uses [...]

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How to Choose Glass Curtain Walls

Glass curtain walls are lightweight aluminum-framed facades housing glass or metal panels.Glass curtain wall systems can provide added structural stability for tall structures that can reduce sway and protect against high winds and geological events. By deflecting wind and rain away from the exterior of the building, these curtains can reduce the risk of damage to exterior [...]

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What is Insulated Glass Units

An insulated glass unit, or IGUs containing multiple glass panes,it commonly consists of two or three panes of glass separated by a spacer material and sealed together at the edge, packed together with tight air space between the panels, dispenses insulating traits. In general, it controls temperature when inserted at sloped glazings,  keep homes warmer in the [...]

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Application of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is sandwiched between the glass by PVB, SGP and other materials, by high temperature and high pressure processing. Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass, which is not easily broken, and even if the glass is broken, it can still maintain a relatively complete form. So, what are the excellent properties of [...]

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The Applications of Curved Glass

Recently, curved tempered glass is more and more popular in building and our home decoration, what is curved glass? Curved tempered glass is so called bent tempered glass, which is much safe by heating to softening point on metal mould then curved to shape by the weight itself and outer force. So, what is the applications of [...]

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What is TPS insulating glass?

Nowadays, insulating glass has been used more and more widely in buildings. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of building energy-saving standards and the promotion and application of passive buildings, the requirements for the energy-saving characteristics of insulating glass are gradually increasing. So more and more warm edge spacer is used to replace traditional [...]

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