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Insulated Glass

SYG glass provide professional insulated glass, support custom. Our products have passed CE EN,ISO9001,SGCC,IGCC,CCC, Founded in 1985, free contact us to get factory price now!

Feature: Insulating glass provides excellent heat and sound insulation, it is reduces room condensation, greater energy efficiency, reduces sound transmission from outside, attractive aesthetics, improves comfort of building,increases light and view and greater thermal insulation.

Warm edge glas
Low E Glass
Window&Door Glass
Curtain Wall Glass

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The company’s customers are distributed in over 70 countries and regions. So far Yaohua has become one of the major high end architectural glass export base in China

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The company has passed ISO9001, CCC, energy-saving product certification.Export products through the Australian standard certification, the European Union standard certification, EN12150, the United States SGCC certification and north American certification IGCC.

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