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Advanced Production Line

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Tempered Glass Production Line

2 Hangzhou Jinglass Tempered Furnace 2 Glaston Tempered Furnace from Finland 1 Taiwan Tongchang Tempered Furnace

Insulated Glass Production Line

Shandong Yaohua invested the LiSEC intelligent glass processing systems, including fully automatic loading andunloading system ,edge grinding, storage, molecular sieve filling, coating and inflatable butyl applicator,fully realizethe intelligent optimization of production process, guarantee the stability of product quality and delivery time.Boththe quality and outlooking of insulated glass reached the international advanced level.

1 Austrian LISEC TPA glass production line 1 Austrian LISEC line 2 Swiss Bystronic lines

Laminated Glass Product Line

1 production line from Shenzhen Huacai 1production line from Shenzhen Handong 1production line from Qinhuangdao Lewei

Ceramic Fritted Glass Production Line
Tianjin Wenzhou

Jumbo Glass Production Line

Super Size Glaston Tempered Furnace

Fireproof Production Line

Glaston Tempering Furnace

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