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SGP Laminated Glass Supplier

The SGP laminated glass produced by using SGP film as the interlayer, it has transparency, high mechanical strength, and good impact resistance. When the laminated glass produced by ionic film is stressed, there will be no sliding between the two pieces of glass. The two pieces of glass are like a piece of glass, and the [...]

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What’s the advantages of glass facade?

Glass wrapping up the building exterior is called glass facade, what’s the advantages of glass facade? Today yaohua glass will show you more details! 1,Extremely strong and durable, the glass facades will resist bad weather elements, including high winds, rain etc. 2,Light weight, it mainly reduces weight on the foundation of the building. 3,Corrosion resistant, the glass [...]

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Tempered Glass Pool Fence

Glass fences are a growing trend in design and pool safety. It will show you a clear view of your pool. Yaohua glass can custom outdoor glass pool fences and glass railing systems,Our glass fence systems are suited for many different area, such as multi-family, residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial projects. Our glass fence and railings are constructed using clear tempered architectural glass panels. All [...]

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Advantages of Glass Railings

Lower maintenance – Unlike other materials railings that need regular care and maintenance, glass railings require almost no maintenance, just regular easy cleaning. Do not corrode – glass panels do not corrode when exposed to water or rain. Safety -When using the correct type of glass, glass railing is a very safe option for both residential and commercial uses. Glass railing systems are [...]

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Acoustic Laminated Glass

In laminated glass, it is the adhesive layer in the middle that does a majority of the noise reduction. By increasing the size of this layer, better noise reduction can be achieved. Laminated acoustic glass is a great way to help reduce noise transmission Acoustic laminated glass is made by laminating two pieces of glass together [...]

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Tempered Louvers Insulated Glass

Louver insulated glass belongs to high performance glass and very hot products in modern office and home. Advantage of louver inside insulated glass Good function of heat insulation and energy saving. Good features of sound proofing By switch control, can have good light. With louverglass features, can protect human privacy. As louverinside insulated glass, is not easy to be [...]

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What Glass Types Should Be Used In Glass Railings

Do you know glass railing? What glass plate is good used in glass railing? Today yaohua glass show you some details about the safety glass railings! The glass railing is made from a number of panels that have undergone a heating and cooling process inside a tempering furnace.Tempered Glass is the best choice in glass railings, tempered glass [...]

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What Kind Of Glass Is Best Suitable For Skylights?

Skylights are a popular addition to homes and offices. The two most common types of glass include tempered and laminated. So, what’s the difference between the laminated and tempered glass?   Tempered glass is sometimes referred to as “toughened glass.” As a result of its manufacturing process, it is about four times stronger than ordinary [...]

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Some Features of Silk Screen Printed Glass

1 Durable It can make different patterns and colors as required. Silk screening uses scratch-resistant inks such as ultra-violet ink and epoxy ink to make the decorations last for a long time. 2 Safe as tempered glass products. Tempered silk screen printed glass has the same characteristics as tempered glass. Its products have good mechanical properties, thermal stability, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance, and high safety performance. [...]

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What kind of glass used on a staircase?

The best type of glass panel for stairs is the laminated tempered glass.This type of glass is good used in the manufacturing of both stairs and railings or balustrades. And it is the safest type of glass used for stairs. So, what is tempered laminated glass? Tempered laminated glass is created with two pieces of tempered  sandwiched between a plastic resin [...]

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