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Top 30 enterprises in the glass processing industry 2022

The 11th China Leading Entrepreneurs Summit in the Processing Glass Industry (G30 Summit), hosted by the China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association, was held in Zhengzhou from November 22 to 23, 2023. Top 30 glass companies from across the country gathered together to engage in in-depth discussions on the industry's development status and future [...]

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Main Causes Why Tempered Glass Breakage

Tempered glass has high impact strength, high bending strength, good thermal stability, bright, transparent, and cuttable characteristics. When it is damaged by ultra-strong impact, the fragments are in fine granular shape without sharp edges, so it is also called safety glass. What are the main reasons for the breakage of tempered glass? 1、 The possibility [...]

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What is Low E Glass

Building energy-saving glass has good performance in light transmission, insulation, sound insulation, compression resistance, and reducing harmful radiation, which can help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. How to save energy? The low e glass will your good choice! Low glass refer to Low Emissivity Glass, it is a kind of coated glass, with excellent heat insulation and [...]

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What kind of glass do hockey rinks use

In today's market, what kind of glass is around a hockey rink? After all, we’ve seen how much punishment that barrier can take. The normal glass would break into dangerous, very sharp shards with just one hit from a puck flying at around 100 miles per hour. Tempered Glass goes through the process known as tempering, which involves [...]

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Why is the ultra clear tempered glass with low self-explosion rate?

Ultra clear tempered glass is also known as low iron glass.By reducing the iron content in the glass, the glass has a crystaltexture visual. There is no greenish visual effect like ordinary clear glass, whether viewed from the front or the side.With high light transmission to 91.5%, it has superior mechanical, physical, and optical properties But why is [...]

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SGP Laminated Glass Supplier

The SGP laminated glass produced by using SGP film as the interlayer, it has transparency, high mechanical strength, and good impact resistance. When the laminated glass produced by ionic film is stressed, there will be no sliding between the two pieces of glass. The two pieces of glass are like a piece of glass, and the [...]

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What’s the advantages of glass facade?

Glass wrapping up the building exterior is called glass facade, what’s the advantages of glass facade? Today yaohua glass will show you more details! 1,Extremely strong and durable, the glass facades will resist bad weather elements, including high winds, rain etc. 2,Light weight, it mainly reduces weight on the foundation of the building. 3,Corrosion resistant, the glass [...]

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Tempered Glass Pool Fence

Glass fences are a growing trend in design and pool safety. It will show you a clear view of your pool. Yaohua glass can custom outdoor glass pool fences and glass railing systems,Our glass fence systems are suited for many different area, such as multi-family, residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial projects. Our glass fence and railings are constructed using clear tempered architectural glass panels. All [...]

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Advantages of Glass Railings

Lower maintenance – Unlike other materials railings that need regular care and maintenance, glass railings require almost no maintenance, just regular easy cleaning. Do not corrode – glass panels do not corrode when exposed to water or rain. Safety -When using the correct type of glass, glass railing is a very safe option for both residential and commercial uses. Glass railing systems are [...]

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