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What Kind Of Glass Is Best Suitable For Skylights?

Skylights are a popular addition to homes and offices. The two most common types of glass include tempered and laminated. So, what’s the difference between the laminated and tempered glass?   Tempered glass is sometimes referred to as “toughened glass.” As a result of its manufacturing process, it is about four times stronger than ordinary [...]

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Some Features of Silk Screen Printed Glass

1 Durable It can make different patterns and colors as required. Silk screening uses scratch-resistant inks such as ultra-violet ink and epoxy ink to make the decorations last for a long time. 2 Safe as tempered glass products. Tempered silk screen printed glass has the same characteristics as tempered glass. Its products have good mechanical properties, thermal stability, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance, and high safety performance. [...]

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What kind of glass used on a staircase?

The best type of glass panel for stairs is the laminated tempered glass.This type of glass is good used in the manufacturing of both stairs and railings or balustrades. And it is the safest type of glass used for stairs. So, what is tempered laminated glass? Tempered laminated glass is created with two pieces of tempered  sandwiched between a plastic resin [...]

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Heat Soaked Tempered Glass

HST (heat soaked) tempered glass means that the tempered glass is placed in a heat soaked furnace, and the phase transition of nickel sulfide (NiS) in tempered glass is made through the process of heating, heat preservation and cooling, so that the stress inside the glass tends to balance, so as to greatly reduce the self-detonation [...]

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Why does the basketball board use tempered glass

The tempered glass with high safety and there is no worry about whether the glass will break. Secondly, tempered glass can avoid the occurrence of moisture and mildew due to factors such as sun and rain, and has a longer service life. Also, the elasticity of tempered glass is moderate, the rebound effect after basketball projection is [...]

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What is Glass Curtain Wall System

Curtain walling is where the window system is positioned to the exterior of the building structure, which allows the combined window and spandrel framing to span multiple levels, ultimately forming a continuous facade. What is the agvantages of insulated glass Insulated glass has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, frost prevention, moisture prevention, increased [...]

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How to Choose Sunshine Room Glass

Many people encounter when building sunshine room, because they don't know which glass to choose. Most people think the insulating glass and laminated glass with same functions, and there is little difference between them in the collocation of sunlight room. So today, yaohua glass will introduce the advantages and differences between them, and how to [...]

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YAOHUA GLASS China Glass Expo 2023

Yaohua glass will attend the 32nd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition, 06-09, May,2023. At this time, you will find us on Booth:N2-066. You will get a good discount price if you send us email or fill the form before the expo. You will get 5%-10% off or more! Founded in 1985, Shandong Yaohua is [...]

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The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Regular Glass

The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Regular Glass Tempered Glass is about four times stronger than regular class and is known for its safety. And, unlike regular glass when it breaks will break into irregular shaped shards. Tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces. Tempered glass is generally used in curtain wall, doors and windows, shower rooms, partition, [...]

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