On April 14, 2023, Shandong Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd. held a glass application upgrade technology exchange meeting. The conference invited more than 80 guests from the door and window industry across the country, we gathering together to learn and exchange energy-saving technologies for insulating glass and the new generation high-performance and long-lasting 4SG hollow sealing system, promoting the upgrading and upgrading of insulating glass products.

With the improvement of people’s living quality, the functions of doors and windows have changed, from simple shading to pursuing functional development to energy conservation, insulation, safety, and aesthetics. Starting from the commonly used product types in the market, by analyzing the pain points of home decoration customers, it is necessary to adopt innovative processes and intelligent unmanned system operation to better solve the above problems. Therefore, the 4SG warm edge system may be a better choice. How can glass be more energy-efficient? How to improve sound insulation? How to choose the size? How to configure glass? This provides reference and inspiration for the majority of home decoration doors and windows customers. Shandong Yaohua wish to work with door and window customers to ensure the improvement of living quality!