The 11th China Leading Entrepreneurs Summit in the Processing Glass Industry (G30 Summit), hosted by the China Architectural Glass and Industrial Glass Association, was held in Zhengzhou from November 22 to 23, 2023. Top 30 glass companies from across the country gathered together to engage in in-depth discussions on the industry’s development status and future trends. Lin Chenglun, Chairman of Shandong Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.

This summit reported on the completion of the action plan of the previous summit and held a one-day group discussion on the proposals submitted by enterprises. The proposal of Shandong Yaohua Company to import warm edges and ultra wide ultra large glass has received widespread attention.

The conference awarded certificates to the top 30 enterprises in the glass processing industry. Shandong Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd. was crowned with honor and was awarded the title of “Top 30 Chinese Processing Glass Enterprises in 2022”. This is the tenth consecutive year that the company has received this honor.