Small improvements, big rewards | Shandong Yaohua’s 10,000 yuan bonus is on the line again, we are serious about encouraging innovation!

Shandong Yaohua held its monthly production conference on November 10, 2021. Shandong Yaohua’s 10,000 yuan bonus was once again online. The company’s general manager Lin Chenglun and executive general manager Zhu Hong handed out a total of 10,000 yuan to the winners of the “Technology Innovation Award” Wang Yuyao and Li Jianpo!This “Technology Innovation Award” was produced by Wang Yuyao of the Purchasing Department under the guidance of General Manager Lin Chenglun, and cooperation with the Production Department, after many trials. According to the company’s incentive regulations and economic benefit calculation, the evaluation team has won the highest award of 10,000 yuan!

The company’s leaders said that all employees of Shandong Yaohua should follow Wang Yuyao and Li Jianpo as examples, work hard, think hard, and actively explore new technologies and new solutions for efficiency improvement, quality improvement, and cost reduction. The company will also cultivate a soil and environment conducive to innovation for employees, and will continue to encourage employees to brainstorm and actively submit reasonable suggestions through the “small improvement, big reward” model, so as to continuously improve the company’s technical level and add value to customers.