Ultra clear tempered glass is also known as low iron glass.By reducing the iron content in the glass, the glass has a crystaltexture visual. There is no greenish visual effect like ordinary clear glass, whether viewed from the front or the side.With high light transmission to 91.5%, it has superior mechanical, physical, and optical properties

But why is the ultra clear tempered glass with low self-explosion rate?

Low iron glass because its iron content is far lower than ordinary glass, and therefore looks crystal clear. Compared to ordinary float glass, in order to remove iron from ultra clear glass during production, a magnetic separation process is added. During the process of removing iron, nickel is also absorbed, making the content of nickel sulfide in ultra white glass extremely low. Nickel sulfide is the root cause of self explosion of tempered glass, so the self explosion rate of ultra white tempered glass is also very low. According to the usage statistics of many engineering cases, the self-explosion rate of ultra-white tempered glass is about 1/10000 (the self-explosion rate of ordinary tempered glass is 3/1000).

Appearance visual effect of ultra clear tempered glass

Ultra clear tempered glass or low iron glass will not have a green tone even if the glass thickness increases. After plating with a Low E film, the color will be clear, and the Low E film with high transmittance will be more crystal clear, truly displaying the crystal style of glass. Large areas used in glass curtain walls projects can display a unique high-end effect.