Glass wrapping up the building exterior is called glass facade, what’s the advantages of glass facade? Today yaohua glass will show you more details!

1,Extremely strong and durable, the glass facades will resist bad weather elements, including high winds, rain etc.

2,Light weight, it mainly reduces weight on the foundation of the building.

3,Corrosion resistant, the glass facades is chemically attacked.

4,Antirust, compared with iron wall, it will does not rust and easy to maintain.

5,Custom color, no matter laminated or insulated units, you can choose color and appearance depends on your demand.

6,Smooth glossy surface, so it is dust-proof and can be cleaned efficiently.

7,Visible clearly, it can transmit the natural light in both the directions, so that the objects behind the glass are visible clearly.

8,UV stable, since it is not affected by ultraviolet radiation and hence cracks.

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