In today’s market, what kind of glass is around a hockey rink? After all, we’ve seen how much punishment that barrier can take. The normal glass would break into dangerous, very sharp shards with just one hit from a puck flying at around 100 miles per hour. Tempered Glass goes through the process known as tempering, which involves the successive heating and cooling of glass to strengthen it.

You can find tempered glass along the sides of the rink, the penalty box, and the team benches. Tempered glass does two things well: It is built to withstand the impact from players slamming into it, and it is clear allowing the audience an unobstructed view of the action. If tempered glass does break, it shatters into thousands of tiny pebbles, practically eliminating the risk of human injury.

Not only the rink, tempered glass is also popular in padel court, swim rails, handrails, stairs and so on. Any question about tempered glass panel, free to contact yaohua glass!