Building energy-saving glass has good performance in light transmission, insulation, sound insulation, compression resistance, and reducing harmful radiation, which can help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. How to save energy? The low e glass will your good choice!

Low glass refer to Low Emissivity Glass, it is a kind of coated glass, with excellent heat insulation and energy saving, also has high visible light transmittance.

Compared with ordinary glass, LOW-E glass has a very significant energy-saving effect. The same configuration of LOW-E insulated glass saves about 40% energy compared to ordinary insulated glass products.

There are two main categories of Low-E glass: online Low-E and offline Low-E.

Online Low-E means that the glass coating is completed on the float line at one time, while the Off-line LOW-E glass means that the glass leaves the float line and goes to another place to complete the coating.