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Tempered Louvers Insulated Glass

Louver insulated glass belongs to high performance glass and very hot products in modern office and home. Advantage of louver inside insulated glass Good function of heat insulation and energy saving. Good features of sound proofing By switch control, can have good light. With louverglass features, can protect human privacy. As louverinside insulated glass, is not easy to be [...]

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What is Glass Curtain Wall System

Curtain walling is where the window system is positioned to the exterior of the building structure, which allows the combined window and spandrel framing to span multiple levels, ultimately forming a continuous facade. What is the agvantages of insulated glass Insulated glass has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, frost prevention, moisture prevention, increased [...]

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How to Choose Sunshine Room Glass

Many people encounter when building sunshine room, because they don't know which glass to choose. Most people think the insulating glass and laminated glass with same functions, and there is little difference between them in the collocation of sunlight room. So today, yaohua glass will introduce the advantages and differences between them, and how to [...]

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Advantages of TPS Insulated Glass

TPS is short for THERMO PLASTICS PACER. TPS is a new type of insulating glass warm-edge system, which uses special butyl rubber as auxiliary material and is filled with thermoplastic spacers of desiccant which Can perfectly replace traditional aluminum spacers.   Advantages of tps insulated glass Long-term Energy-saving Minimal Argon gas loss Protect the Low [...]

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What are the advantages of double glazed units

A double glazing unit is a combination of two panes of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar and sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single airtight unit with an air space in between.Today yaohua glass show you the main four advantages of double glazed units. 1,Save your energy cost. Double glazing uses [...]

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What is TPS insulating glass?

Nowadays, insulating glass has been used more and more widely in buildings. At the same time, with the gradual improvement of building energy-saving standards and the promotion and application of passive buildings, the requirements for the energy-saving characteristics of insulating glass are gradually increasing. So more and more warm edge spacer is used to replace traditional [...]

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