TPS is short for THERMO PLASTICS PACER. TPS is a new type of insulating glass warm-edge system, which uses special butyl rubber as auxiliary material and is filled with thermoplastic spacers of desiccant which Can perfectly replace traditional aluminum spacers.


Advantages of tps insulated glass

Long-term Energy-saving

Minimal Argon gas loss

Protect the Low E coating

Best U values,also for facade glass panes

Perfect acoustic performance

Long-lasting seal

2-3 times longer usage time than traditional insulating glass

30 years warranty

Perfect sealing and acoustic performance

Additional chemical bonding to glass and silicone secondary sealants

Impeccable appearance

No Butyl sealant over flow

No Desiccant leaks

Spacer widths from 6 mm to 20mm possible

Individual shape design

Reduce glass edge deformation and improve curtain wall imaging


Yaohua glass as a professional building glass supplier, we have LiSEC 4SG warm edge insulated glass product line to ensure product quality