Laminated glass is sandwiched between the glass by PVB, SGP and other materials, by high temperature and high pressure processing. Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass, which is not easily broken, and even if the glass is broken, it can still maintain a relatively complete form.

So, what are the excellent properties of tempered laminated glass?

  1. Compared with other glasses, it has the properties of shock resistance, anti-theft, bulletproof and explosion-proof.
  2. Energy saving and sound insulation. The interlayer layer can reduce the solar radiation, prevent the loss of energy springs, and save the power consumption of air conditioners. The interlayer layer can buffer the sound wave vibration products to achieve sound insulation.
  3. The intermediate film can block 99% of the ultraviolet ray, delay the fading of indoor furniture and curtains, and increase the appearance and beauty of the building.

Because the laminated glass with high impact strength and using safety in different industry, it is suitable for doors, windows, ceilings, shower rooms, floors and partitions of buildings, skylights of industrial plants, shop windows, kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, private residences, villas, hospitals, banks, jewelry stores, post offices and other buildings where valuables or glass is fragile. Laminated glass is also often used in schools, airports, hotels, ministerial office buildings and other public facilities, places prone to accidents (French windows, glass doors, etc.) and roof skylights.