Low E stands for low emissivity glass. It is a clear glass that has been treated with an invisible metallic oxide coating. This coating can significantly reduce the amount of heat and UV and infrared light. Today Yaohua glass will show the advantages of low E glass,

First, one of the big advantages of low E glass is the supreme insulating power it adds to your windows because of the low emissivity film. It can help homes retain warmth from the heating system, preventing it from escaping outside.

Adding the soft-coat low emissivity film allows your glass to have an emissivity as low as 0.05. So, when combined with other insulating tech, low E glass can be used to create an insulated glass unit of real insulating potential. Double-glazed units made with low E glass, and the aforementioned IGU tech, can have a U-value as low as 0.9!

Also, Low E glass will extends the life of your furniture, floors, and interior fabrics. Because of the metallic oxide coating that reduces the number of harmful UV rays entering through the window, curtains, couches, throw pillows, and even floors and nearby furniture retain their original beauty for much longer.