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Heat Soaked Glass

Heat Soaked Glass

  • Supply Ability: 20000 sqm per Day
  • Competitive price
  • 100% Inspection before Packing
  • Sea Worthy Strong Wooden Crates
  • Warranty:10 years
  • Lead time:2-4weeks
  • Certificate:CE,ISO9001,IGCC,SGCC,AS/NZS,CCC
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Heat Soaked Glass or tempered glass panels

What is HST glass

The vitreous contains nickel sulfide (NiS) particles, which do not grow rapidly during tempering cooling, but grow slowly during use, resulting in stress concentration and self-detonation of the glass.

HST tempered glass means that the tempered glass will in a heat soaked furnace, and the phase transition of nickel sulfide (NiS) in tempered glass will through the process of heating, when heat preservation and cooling, so that the stress inside the glass tends to balance, so as to greatly reduce the self-detonation rate of tempered glass.

Product Description of toughened safety glass

  • Product name    Heat Soaked Glass
  • Glass thickness   3-19mm
  • Glass size    Min.200x300mm, Max.3300mmx13000mm, custom sizes
  • Processing    Cutout, polished edge, drill holes, logo printing, heat soaked, etc
  • Shape    Flat,Curved
  • Production lines    Guangdong Ohm machine
  • Quality Standard    BS EN14179,CCC,Yaohua internal control standard SDYH-ZY-PZ-01

Features of  Heat Soaked Glass or toughened safety glass

  • Strictly meet with building codes and safety requirements
  • Strong enough to withstand high levels of thermal stress
  • 4-5 times stronger than annealed float glass of the same thickness
  • Breaks up into small cubical fragments, not threatening to humans
  • All work done on glass (beveling, cutting, bending, etc.) must be done before tempering
  • Can be printed with special logo and patterns with enamel silkscreening
  • Accept different kinds of custom design.
  • Heat soaked glass has a much lower potential incidence of spontaneous breakage than tempered glass.

tempered glass panels

Production Processing

Packing&Shipping of tempered glass panels

First, each glass sheet is separate by high quality of wooden corks, plastic film, paper, or anti-mildew power.
Next, Before packing, each glass sheet must be inspected. because we will make good quality products.
Then, Using brand new, durable, seaworthy plywood crates with foam protection inside.
Finally, Each crate will be fasten by metal belt.

Company Show

Shandong Yaohua Glass CO., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer supplier and exporter of various types of processing glass and mirror .

Established in 1985, it has 38 years experience in laminated glass ,tempered glass, insulated glass.

And exporting to more than 70 countries worldwide.

tempered glass panels

Case Show

Many landmark buildings used Shandong Yaohua’s glass. For example, Pyeongchang Winter Olympic venue, Zambia Lusaka International Airport, Infinity tower in Canberra etc.

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