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Monolithic fireproof glass

Monolithic fireproof glass

  • Supply Ability: 2000 sqm per Day
  • Competitive price
  • 100% Inspection before Packing
  • Sea Worthy Strong Wooden Crates
  • Warranty:10 years
  • Lead time:2-4weeks
  • Certificate:CE,ISO9001,IGCC,SGCC,AS/NZS,CCC


Monolithic fireproof glass

Monolithic fireproof glass is a kind of special glass composed of a single layer of glass. The surface of the glass is treated by a special process to meet the requirements of the corresponding fire resistance level. It has several times the strength of float glass and can resist the impact of flames. High strength, good weather resistance, easy processing and other advantages.

The monolithic fireproof glass produced by Shandong Yaohua is  “deep special tempered” glass made of soda-lime-silica float glass as a raw material for deep processing. The surface compressive stress is much higher than that of ordinary tempered glass, generally above 150MPa, while the surface compressive stress of ordinary tempered glass of the same thickness is between 90-110MPa. Monolithic fire-resistant glass has fire-resistance integrity, neither heat insulation nor heat radiation, and belongs to Class C fire-resistant glass.

Features of Monolithic fireproof glass

  • High processing efficiency and high productivity
  • Low cost, the price is lower than high borosilicate glass and composite fireproof glass
  • Good weather resistance, suitable for use in various natural environments, without any change in appearance
  • Lightweight and easy to install, the same thickness and weight as ordinary glass, and the same installation method
  • Can be made into composite products, such as laminated safety fireproofing, insulated fireproofing, coated fireproof glass, etc.

Monolithic fireproof glass Application Field

Monolithic fireproof glass main used on curtain wall,windows and door,smoke-proof vertical wall, daylighting ceilings ,non-insulation fire-proof glass door,and fire-proof partition walls without heat insulation requirements


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