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3 hours fireproof glass

3 hours fireproof glass

  • Supply Ability: 2000 sqm per Day
  • Competitive price
  • 100% Inspection before Packing
  • Sea Worthy Strong Wooden Crates
  • Warranty:10 years
  • Lead time:2-4weeks
  • Certificate:CE,ISO9001,IGCC,SGCC,AS/NZS,CCC
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Borosilicate 3 hours fireproof glass

3 hours fireproof glass is a functional glass with excellent performance,low expansion coefficient, no burst or deformation due to high temperature under strong flame, with good chemical stability and mechanical properties, and we usually use it as building fireproof, heat resistant glass and other products.

With characteristics of lowexpansion coeffcient, high softening temperature,light weight,high mechanical strength,and good weather resistance, itis the material of choice for monolithic fire resistant glass,and it can also do building energy-saving fire resistant materials with better comprehensive efficiency by coating, insulating, and other methods.

3 hours fireproof glass

Features of 3 hours fire proof glass

  1. The original sheet size up to 4800 mm×2440 mm, with thickness of 5mm to 12 mm, the middle size is according to customer demand.
  2. Fire resistance time is more than 120 minutes. With ultra-high transparency,it can maintain the transparency and beauty of the building while still ensuring people’s vision for escape and rescue in case of fire.
  3. Good weather resistance,stable and UV resistant
  4. UItra-clear,high light transmittance,92% visible light transmittance
  5. It is more than 10% lighter than ordinary glass,and has super high mechanicalstrength.As a building material, it can significantly reduce the weight of the building.
  6. At present, self explosion is a very difficult hidden danger to overcome for building safety glass. High borosilicate fire resistant glass eliminates the hidden danger of self explosion because the raw material and system do not contain nickel, and al glass products do not have NIS crystal.
  7. High borosilicate glass easy cut, edged,punched and coated before tempering.High borosilicate glass and other glass can do building energy-saving and fre proof materials with better comprehensive effciency by means of gluing, hollow sealing and vacuum.
  8. The fully toughened monolithic high borosilicate fire resistant glass meets the requirements of fire resistant performance and safety performance.

Borosilicate fireproof glass Application Field

Monolithic fireproof glass is easy on curtain wall, windows and door, smoke-proof vertical wall, daylighting ceilings ,non-insulation fire-proof glass door,and fire-proof partition walls without heat insulation requirements

3 hours fireproof glass

Company Show

Shandong Yaohua Glass CO., Ltd. is a leading supplier,  and as well as exporter of various types of processing glass and mirror.
Since 1985, we have enough experience in laminated glass ,tempered glass, and insulated glass.  Beside, sale glass to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Quality Standard : CE EN, ISO9001, SGCC, IGCC, Australia Standard, CCC

3 hours fireproof glass

Case Show

Many landmark buildings used Shandong Yaohua’s glass. For example, Pyeongchang Winter Olympic venue, Zambia Lusaka International Airport, Infinity tower in Canberra etc.

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