Now, office glass partitions are common in every enterprise. When decorating an office, a large room should be divided into multiple office areas, and partitions should be used. However, why choose tempered glass in the design of glass partitions?

  1. Tempered glass is safer than ordinary glass,tempered glass is safer. The hardness of tempered glass is much higher than that of ordinary glass, which is 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. Ordinary glass does not withstand pressure, has poor impact resistance, and breaks at a stroke. The bending resistance of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass. If a frame is added when making partitions, it will be more stable, firm and beautiful.
  2. Good decorative property of tempered glass, the partition made of tempered glass is more beautiful than other materials. If the partition is installed between the family balcony and the living room, you can consider the use of doublelayer glass, which is conducive to sound insulation and heat preservation, and also conducive to decoration. You can insert some dry flower paper-cut, glass beads, etc. in the seam of the double-layer glass for decoration.
  3. It with goodtransparency of tempered glass, transparent tempered glass will not hinder the indoor light transmission and achieve the decorative effect, but the privacy of the toilet should not be too transparent, and frosted glass should be used as the partition to achieve good decorative effect.

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