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90 Degree Corner Warm Edge Spacer TPSS Insulating Glass

90 Degree Corner Warm Edge Spacer TPSS Insulating Glass

  • Supply Ability: 20000 sqm per Day
  • Competitive price
  • 100% Inspection before Packing
  • Sea Worthy Strong Wooden Crates
  • Warranty:30 years
  • Lead time:2-4weeks
  • Certificate:CE,ISO9001,IGCC,SGCC,AS/NZS,CCC
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90 degree corner warm edge spacer insulating glass from Yaohuaglass, also can do this large size glass, (In China, only our company can make this glass)

TPSS Insulating Glass or TPSS warm edge glass which revolution event for insulating glass.

Glass dimension up to 3300*7000mm.

The TPSS is short for THERMO PLASTICS SPACER SEALANT., and desiccant and PIB. 95% Argon Gas, Also, Warranty 30 years


4SG Insulating Glass is short for THERMO PLASTICS PACER.
Also, Warm edge is a new type of insulating glass warm-edge system.
It use special butyl rubber as auxiliary material and it fill with thermoplastic spacers of desiccant.
And, This rubber can perfectly replace traditional aluminum spacers.

Features of Double Glazing Glass

Reduces room condensation
Greater energy efficiency
Reduces sound transmission from outside
Attractive aesthetics
Improves comfort of building
Increases light and view
Greater thermal insulation
Yaohua glass have import LiSEC warm edge full automatic insulated glass processing line, also, support custom

Product Description

TPS warm edge glass

TPS can also leads to many options
The designer will be free of the limitations of original spacers.
Bespoke designs
– A multitude of design possibilities while maintaining consistently high product quality
Triple Insulating glass
First, Variable cavity widths can be combined
Second, Perfectly matched TPS spacer (no shift)
Third, Cavity widths from 6 mm to 20 mm
Stepped 4SG Insulating Glass
– First, Effortless production of 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-sided, and then gas filled insulating glass units
– Next, Stepped rectangular and shaped units

TPS warm edge glass
We usually make plywood crates as the standard box to handle the glasses.
TPS warm edge glass
Professional Processing
insulated glass
Yaohua Glass Company show
Shandong Yaohua Glass CO., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer supplier,  and as well as exporter of various types of processing glass and mirror.
Since 1985, we have enough experience in laminated glass ,tempered glass, and insulated glass.  Beside, sale glass to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Case Show

Many landmark buildings used Shandong Yaohua’s glass. For example, Pyeongchang Winter Olympic venue, Zambia Lusaka International Airport, Infinity tower in Canberra etc.

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