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Laminated Padel Glass

Laminated Padel Glass

  • Glass Type:10mm 12mm clear tempered glass
  • Competitive price
  • 100% Inspection before Packing
  • Sea Worthy Strong Wooden Crates
  • Warranty:10 years
  • Lead time:2-4weeks
  • Certificate:CE12150,ISO9001,IGCC,SGCC,AS/NZS,CCC
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6+1.52+6mm clear tempered laminated glass wall for tennis padel court fence,6+1.52+6mm transparent toughened laminated glass for outdoor tennis padel court canopy,1/2 inch thick ESG glass for tenis padel court

TOP 1 CE Quality Padel Court Glass Factory in China

Laminated Padel Glass

The tempered laminated glass is treated through a process to improve its mechanical properties. Tempered laminated glass is two to five times stronger than ordinary glass. Also, this process improves its resistance to shock, compression, bending and tension.

Laminated Glass Interior applications

Business offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and cubicles

Hotel and restaurant spaces

Medical care centers and health clinics

Lecture halls and School classrooms

Recording studios and broadcast facilities

Laminated Glass Interior Exterior applications

Designing for sound reduction Offices and retail centers

Schools, hospitals, and government buildings

Theaters, museums, padel court and other entertainment venues

Airports and surrounding structures

Condominiums and Hotels

Laminated Padel Glass

Laminated Glass Processing:

Laminated Padel Glass

Tempered glass for Padel Tennis Court

Safety Packing and Delivery:

First, each glass sheet is separate by high quality of wooden corks, plastic film, paper, or anti-mildew power.
Next, Before packing, we will inspect each glass sheet. because we will make good quality products.
Then, Using brand new, durable, seaworthy plywood crates with foam protection inside.
Finally, Each crate will be fasten by metal belt.

Laminated Padel Glass

CE Quality Certification:

Shandong Yaohua Glass CO., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer supplier,  and as well as exporter of various types of processing glass and mirror.
Since 1985, we have enough experience in laminated glass ,tempered glass, and insulated glass.  Beside, sale glass to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Case Show

Many landmark buildings used Shandong Yaohua’s glass. For example, Pyeongchang Winter Olympic venue, Zambia Lusaka International Airport, Infinity tower in Canberra etc.

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